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Some Roofs Are in Good Enough Shape…
It’s “Cheaper” to Repair ‘Em
Rather Than Replace Altogether.

Our Savvy Crews Know When a Roof is Worth Saving

Roof Repairs Salt Lake City

Roofs are just like cars; there are times it makes more sense to put money into repairing a used car rather than trading/selling to buy a new one. Here’s our step-by-step process to help you determine if a roof repair(s) in Salt Lake City will be cheaper for you in the short, medium, and long term:

Step 1—Assessment: Assess your roof inside and out with our Expert Consultants armed with digital cameras to document their findings.

Step 2—Crunch The Numbers: Calculate the costs to continue repairing your roof vs. replacing it.

Step 3—Choose Replacement Or Repair: Go over our assessment and costs to help you make the best choice in the short, medium, and long term.

Services We Can Help With
(for Homeowners & Property Managers)

High Volume Roof Repairs/Replacement

This service is designed specifically for property management companies managing several buildings at once, and who often need several roof repairs/replacements in Salt Lake City completed all under stiff deadlines. We also act as a “go-between” for Property Managers by helping communicate with Residents about project updates, inspections, etc. When subcontractors are needed for a given project, we also help find the right crews for the right phase of the project.

Attic Ventilation Upgrades

A properly vented attic instantly SAVES you money on your energy bill… it’s a hidden savings account right above your head! When attics can “breathe” – allowing air to move under the eaves and the top of the roof – it also extends the overall life of your roof.

Roof Inspections and Check-ups

A lot of roof leaks are caused by the same issues; and we’ve got an eye for spotting those issues with a quick inspection and can propose a budget-friendly solution to FIX the leak once and for all!

Snow and Ice Removal

The harsh Utah winters means snow and ice build-up on your roof. That extra weight puts extra stress on your roof, and could put you and your loved ones at risk of falling ice. At Whitaker Roofing, we can help.

Roof-top Skylight Installation

Letting in more natural light will save you money because you’ll turn on fewer lights inside the house, and you’ll feel better from an extra dose of Vitamin D that the sun so graciously offers most days of the year.

Swamp Cooler Removal and Patching

Swamp coolers have seen their day come and go. When you’re ready to upgrade your cooling system, we’ll remove the old one and patch the area on the roof to look as if the swamp cooler unit was never there.

Rain Gutter Cleaning and Replacement

Cleaning gutters is both a hassle and a bit dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment. Let us remove that headache altogether; and if it’s time for new gutters, we’ll call in one of our trusted gutter-crews to install new ones at a budget-friendly price!

Heat Cable Installation

Even new roofing in Salt Lake City can leak if enough ice build-up occurs during the cold season. Our heat cables keep snow and ice from “hanging” around on your roof. It’s a great proactive solution for our chilly Utah winters.

Blown-in Attic Insulation

Visit www.owenscorning.com/foryourhome/ for more information on why we choose Owens Corning as the insulation of choice come time to add additional insulation to the insulation that has settled up in the attic.

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